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Publications & Patents

R&D Cluster Tool SAF: Simple, Adjustable, Flexible (NEVAC day, abstract)


Low-density composite powder for lightweight parts made by means powder metallurgy (World PM, poster)


R&D cluster tool SAF for vacuum deposition (24NDVaK)


Electrochromic properties of WO3 thin films sputtered with HiPIMS (IME-12)


HiPIMS Deposition of Tungsten Trioxide Thin Films (IME-12, poster)


Influence of magnetron sputtering spent energy on the cooper and stainless steel films thickness deposited on ceramic hollow spheres for syntactic foam composites production (SVC poster)


Vacuum technologies as a solution to energy problems; future trends ( Euro-Nano Forum poster)


Applying Co-Sputtering to Increase DDR During Deposition of Titanium Oxides and Silicon Oxides (SVC presentation)


Dynamic deposition rate increase of TiO2 thin films using serial reactive magnetron co-sputtering for industrial applications 


Titanium oxide reactive magnetron deposition process using Pulsed DC power supply 


Vorrichtung zur Vakuumbeschichtung durch Metall- oder Legierungsverdampfung und Verfahren mit derartiger Vorrichtung, DE112005001190B4 


Processes Control for Oxide Layer Deposition in Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Machines


HIPIMS Power Supply Utilization for Indium-Tin Oxide Coating Deposition on Roll Polymeric Substrates

Control of reactive deposition process by stabilization of the power supply work


3D numerical study of different magnet systems to reduce cross corner effect in rectangular magnetron sputtering


Deposition of ZnO:Al transparent conductive layers on polymer substrate by magnetron sputtering 


Highly productive apparatus for vacuum coating roll substrates, WO2010090504


Usage of magnetron pulse DC power supplies for various vacuum technological processes


Research of electrical, optical and structural characteristics of Ga-doped ZnO coatings received by magnetron sputtering on a polymeric substrate


Resistive evaporator, WO20090000720


New Vacuum Equipment for Multilayer Coating Deposition on Large Area Glass


Wire Fed Evaporation of Copper from Refractory Metal Boats 


Improvement of Web Thermal Conditions by the Deposition Drum Design


Method and apparatus for vacuum deposition by vaporizing metals and metal alloys, WO2005116290


Processes of coating powder materials 


Device and method for coating roll substrates in vacuum, WO2005001157


Vacuum equipment for TCO and AR coatings 


Control of transparent conductive and antireflection coating deposition 


Recent developments in the deposition of ITO and AR coatings 


Web coating with Lithium


Progress in vacuum-deposited Lithium metal anode structures 


Principles of in-line systems designing 


Protective properties of Silicone Nitride 


Zinc and Magnesium vapor generators 


Research of processes and devices for plasma treatment of polymeric films


Vacuum coating of porous and elastomeric substrate materials


Deposition of coatings or free foils of sublimating metals


Peculiarities of titanium compound films formation


Electric arc vaporization of complex alloys 


High corrosion resistant reflective coatings 

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