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Glass coating


The UV100 R&D vertical in-line sputtering system offers great potential possibilities in research and development of thin film technologies, transfer and scale-up of technologies to industrial level, sample and small-lot production. The coater operates in a multi-pass mode and ensures one-sided deposition of sheet materials with various multi-layer stacks. Flat glass, metal foils and plastic sheets are applicable as substrates.


The coater is a single-ended structure. Substrate is transported vertically on a holder without inclination. The sputter sections are equipped with vertically positioned planar or rotary magnetrons. Depending on the process, the magnetrons can operate as a single source or be connected to act as a dual source. 


 The system is flexible and easily customized for specific layer stacks. To ensure maximum efficiency in every situation, it is equipped with the following elements:

  • Reversible transportation system
  • Planar (up to 6 pcs.) or rotary magnetrons (up to 4 pcs)
  • Pumping station consisting of turbo molecular pumps
  • Glow discharge or ion beam sources
  • MF, DC and DC pulsed power supplies
  • Gas admission system, able for various gases
  • PEM for optimum process control
  • RGA for monitoring process environment
  • In-line monitoring of coating properties: transmittance and reflection


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Substrate size: up to 500 x 500 mm

Substrate thickness: 0.8 … 6 mm

Coatings: metal, alloys, oxides, nitrides

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