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Li vacuum coating


Sidrabe developed various base models for Li deposition equipment and manufactures some of them as standard serial coaters.


Sidrabe’s Li deposition coaters:

  • Different scale (lab, R&D/pilot and industrial);
  • Different deposition methods (evaporation and sputtering); 
  • Different substrates (foils, glass and ceramic plates).



The pilot Li coater

is used for developing new processes, trial production of Li coated materials and modelling of commercial coaters.  


High quality lithium coatings of 1 to 20 µm in thickness can be deposited (single or double-sided) on thin metal foils and polymer films. The unique Sidrabe developed process reaches a new technological level in creation of materials for Lithium batteries.


The pilot Li coater is able to deposit such layers due to the use of venting drums that ensure advanced heat removal from the processed substrate. Li is deposited from the batch loading crucibles. The coater is equipped with a computer-controlled system.


 Data Sheet


Substrate: polymeric films, metal foils 
Substrate thickness: min 10 µm
Substrate width: 150 mm
Coating width: 100 mm
Number of deposition drums: 2 pcs
Drum temperature: - 20 ... + 20 °C
Coating: Li, single or double-sided
Li thickness: 1 ... 20 µm/per side
Thermal evaporators: 2 St.St. crucibles
Winding speed: 0.2 … 2.0 m/min
Pumping: turbo molecular pumps


R&D Lithium evaporation tool


SAF L-EMR&D vacuum deposition tool SAF L-EM is a laboratory scale system designed for producing single-sided metal coatings on flat ceramic or glass substrates.


 Please refer to a brief description of the SAF L-EM deposition tool:

SAF L-EM Brief


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