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Our lab is equipped with several pilot roll-to-roll web coaters for coating deposition on polymer films and metal foils applying magnetron sputtering and thermal evaporation.
Most coaters are multifunctional and can be easily retrofitted with exchangeable coating and pre-treatment sources of various types. Spare blank ports ensure attaching the necessary instrumentation.

The UV26 pilot web coater is a single-drum unit for vacuum coating on up to 600 mm wide webs. The coater winding system is also suitable for handling sensitive substrates, for instance, foam materials, netted and non-woven webs.  The coater can be fitted with high-rate evaporation boats or sputter magnetrons. In-situ measuring instrumentation is available for process control.


The UV87 pilot web coater is a research tool with deposition zones situated around two process drums. Temperature of the process drums is controllable in the range of –10o C to +50o C.  Single-sided and double-sided coating is possible on up to 340 mm wide webs. The coater is furnished with thermal evaporation boats and sputter magnetrons. Glow discharge or ion sources are positioned before the deposition pass.  The same ion sources can be also used for ion-assisted deposition.   


 The UV80 pilot web coater is intended for deposition of metal, ITO, ZAO, AR layers on up to 600 mm wide webs. Four sputter magnetrons powered with DC, MF or pulsed DC power supplies perform both metal and reactive sputtering. There are two ways of substrate pre-treatment: glow discharging and ion gun bombardment. Temperature of the drum surface is controllable in the range of + 20o C to + 90o C. In-situ process control by PEM and monitoring of optical coating parameters is provided. Contact measurement of sheet resistance is also possible. Residual gas analyzer monitors gas composition during deposition process.   


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Substrate: polymer films, metal foils, fabrics, non-woven, porous and netted materials

Substrate width: up to 600 mm

Polymer film thickness: 6 … 200 µm

Metal foil thickness: 10 … 200 µm

Porous material thickness: 1 … 2 mm

Coatings: TCO, metals, alloys, oxides, nitrides

Deposition sources: DC, MF, DC pulsed magnetrons, EB guns, resistive boats, vapor generators

Pretreatment: glow discharge, ion guns, magnetron discharge, inverse magnetrons

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