Warranty, Post-Warranty


Warranty begins when the SAT (site acceptance testing) is completed and covers a period of 12 months, unless noted otherwise in the contract documents.


Sidrabe guarantees that the entire equipment and the individual units and sub-assemblies of the delivery are in strict conformity with the customer’s technical specification and other documents, agreed upon in writing.


Within the warranty period, if the equipment fails because of general material and workmanship, or installation and mounting faults, it is repaired free of charge provided that the faults have not been caused by customer’s activities.

The warranty does not extend to accessories and consumables and parts of the equipment.


The post-warranty service is based on a separate contract between the customer and Sidrabe. With this contract Sidrabe guarantees constant technical assistance and operability of the equipment.  


The post-warranty period starts right after the warranty is expired and all maintenance costs are paid by the customer.

Within the post-warranty service Sidrabe provides the necessary information required for the equipment operation, performs preventive servicing, current or overhaul repair, adjustment, process mode development, parts and components supply.


The post-warranty coverage helps us to continually support our customers and collect critical technical information about the running equipment.

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