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Research partners

Sidrabe has very well established contacts with  scientific institutes and universities. Some or our partners are:



SIDRABE and University of Leicester



University of Leicester, United Kingdom: http://www2.le.ac.uk/




Sidrabe and TNO         


 TNO, the Netherlands: http://www.tno.nl/





Sidrabe and CFI



    Institute of Solid State Physics, Latvia: http://www.cfi.lu.lv/eng/




Sidrabe and LU



 University of Latvia, Latvia: http://www.lu.lv/eng/






Sidrabe and RTU



Riga Technical university, Latvia: http://www.rtu.lv/en/





Sidrabe and SAL



  Latvian Academy of Sciences, Latvia: http://www.lza.lv/

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