• Customer Support

Customer Support


Customer support is an extremely important part of our activities that help us to build long-term relationships with our customers. Sidrabe provides 24/7/365 phone, email, and Internet support to its customers. Sidrabe service specialists assist directly or, if required, redirect problems to the appropriate department providing as much assistance as the customer needs.


Our service specialists work closely with all relevant company’s departments (e.g. R&D, design, production and quality department) having thorough knowledge of the delivered equipment and  work experience with our products, and being able to provide technical and technological problem solutions. Service specialists communicate customer feedback to the technical and marketing teams in order to keep improving our customer service.


To ensure error-free operation and maintenance of the delivered equipment, Sidrabe supplies each customer with a set of operational documentation including the service program, operator and OEM manuals.   


Customer service is carried out in stages from the FAT (factory acceptance testing) at Sidrabe to warranty and post-warranty periods after SAT (site acceptance testing) and equipment commissioning at the customer’s. The stages are scheduled in coordination meeting between Sidrabe and the customer.



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