Special Equipment

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Special equipment is intended for implementing unconventional processes.

Some of our most notable special equipment projects are:

  •  Coating of 3D articles of up to 4 meters in diameter, including astronomical primary mirrors.
  • The R&D cluster plant targeted for research and development work, as well as for feasibility studies and more general academic works in the field of thin film technologies.  
  • Matching roll-to-roll vacuum machine with a specialized channel of cyclotron to irradiate polymer films to create nuclear microporous filters.
  • Unique Li coating technology (1 to 20 microns thick layer) to create Li anode structures for high-capacity batteries.
  • Coating of non-standard substrates, e.g. powder materials of 20 to 800 microns using deposition techniques on vibration-displaced or falling down (curtain) powder.
  • Substrate pre-heating in a separate vacuum drying machine to ensure high quality of the following thin film coatings.
  • Vacuum lamination in the production of flexible PCBs, providing high-quality finished product.
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