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SIDRABE has all necessary resources to execute contact R&D and provide technology solutions to any industry: staff of scientists, engineers and technicians; complex set of deep technical knowledge, know-how and experience; lab and pilot vacuum coaters, tools, and a wide range of control and measurement instrumentation. Collaboration with scientific institutes and universities, sometimes including scientists from other disciplines, results in new or improved processes. Analysis and lab-based testing ensure the best solutions for transfer and scale-up of technologies to industrial application. 


The breadth of our R&D capabilities allows our customers to outsource the following contract R&D services:

  • Detailed R&D project planning
  • Custom modification of lab equipment
  • Test rig design and manufacturing   
  • Samples and small lot manufacturing
  • Modelling and simulation of process technology
  • Scale-up of a process for industrial application
  • Process implementation, testing and commissioning
  • Evaluation of technology efficiency and cost of the product


The contracted R&D is the best means to obtain the required technology since it eliminates the need to invest in the necessary lab and test equipment and, possibly, in personnel experienced in the disciplines to be researched.

We provide independent and confidential research and ready to get involved in an R&D process at any stage. Customer’s research staff can participate in each phase of the project and even work with us in our lab facility.


Samples and small lot manufacturing


Samples and small lot  production is a part of our R&D field aimed to encourage customers to apply out-of-box technologies and improve their technologies with our assistance. The result of our cooperation can be used to promote innovative solutions directly to one’s existing or potential customers with minimal expenditures.


The R&D department has several pilot and lab coaters equipped with sputter magnetrons, resistive boats, e-beam guns and vapour generators. There are coaters for handling metal foils and strips, polymeric films, fabrics, porous and netted materials, powders and 3D parts.


Our instrumentation capability covers optical, thickness and sheet resistance measurements, adhesion tests, monitoring of process environment, process control by PEM.  Furthermore, our cooperation with scientific institutes and laboratories gives us access to any tools or equipment we might need additionally.


Trial samples bring the customer an opportunity to evaluate a market entry strategy before committing to in-depth R&D works, mass manufacturing process and before making a production equipment purchase.




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