Standard serial R&D/Pilot Scale Li deposition coater WD200EM


The coater is designed for production of uniform Li coatings on Cu foil by means of thermal evaporation and deposition of metal layers by means of magnetron sputtering.


Data Sheet

Substrate: Cu (or compatible) foil
Substrate width: 200 mm
Substrate thickness: 6 ... 30 µm
Coatings: Li (by means of thermal evaporation), Me layers (by means of magnetron sputtering)
Li coating width: 150 mm
Me coating width: 80 – 180 mm
Footprint of the coater in the dry room: 2100 x 1700 mm
Footprint of the accompanying equipment outside the dry room: 5100 x 4000 mm
Weight of the coater without supporting equipment: 2200 kg

General layout of coater and service area with recommended space requirements


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