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Coating of powders


SIDRABE has been working with vacuum coatings for various disperse materials since 1969.
Our latest and on-going projects include coating of mica flakes, metal and non-metal particles, granules and artificial diamonds for subsequent manufacture of unique materials.


The pilot powder coaters operating in SIDRABE R&D Department are intended for small batch production of vacuum coated disperse materials of various nature.
They can be also used for process modelling at the vacuum coater development stage.


The B500M pilot coater is equipped with a special vibrating transportation device that ensures controlled circulation and mixing of the processed powder. The vibration device also ensures uniform powder exposure during degassing and deposition.


 In the B1200MR pilot coaterthe powder is exposed as a falling curtain between two magnetrons that are placed opposite each other. During deposition cycle multiple circulations of the processed powder are ensured with an elevating drum and conveyors.


 Data Sheet 


  • Particle size: 40…400 µm
  • Coating:  Al, Cu, Mo, In, Ti, NiCr, St. St. TiO2, SiO2, TiN etc.
  • Coating thickness: up to 1 µm
  • Powder batch volume: 0.5 l …3 l  
  • Deposition sources: DC, MF, and DC pulced magnetrons
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