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3D parts coating


The R&D Department is equipped with Sidrabe-built coaters that can be used to perform protective and decorative coating of 3D parts applying metal and reactive magnetron sputtering and arc evaporation.


Bias potential and glow discharge devices ensure coating adhesion and stability.


Coaters that are available at Sidrabe R&D Department are designed for batch coating of various 3D parts and they can be also used for investigation of various deposition processes at the vacuum coater development stage.


Sidrabe coaters are used for coating a wide range of products, including car headlight reflectors, plastic cases for electronic appliances, furniture accessories, sanitary equipment, church domes and other decorative elements of buildings, window and door accessories, toys, china and glass articles etc (visit our customer’s website www.angel.lv for pictures of china articles coated with our equipment).



Data Sheet


Substrate: plastic, metal, alloy, glass 3D parts

Max. substrate size: up to 400 x 400 x 800 mm

Coating: Ti, TiN, TiOx, Al, Cu, bronze, brass, St.St.

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