The roll-to-roll vacuum lamination machines are designed for two-sided lamination of flexible PCB based on polyimide film with polymeric photoresist under mechanical pressure and heating in vacuum.

Qualitative advance of the methods used in production of flexible printed circuits and lamination of various types of polymer materials determine their application.


Engineering and Technology


The machines provide high quality processes preventing gas inclusions and finished material delamination. The lamination zone is formed between two press-and-heat rollers. Printed circuit board is preliminary heated before entering into the lamination zone.  Two water-cooled rollers cool and press the laminated product before rewinding.

The winding system with load cells ensures optimized tension force in the process zone. The winding system provides interleaf unwinding from the initial materials as well as rewinding of the ready product with the interleaf. 

The pumping system is based on a mechanical booster pump.

The control system provides fully automated process. The major process parameters such as temperature, pressing force, winding speed, tension force, edge position of webs, pressure in the chamber are continuously monitored.


Data Sheet


Substrate material: polyimide PCB

Substrate width: up to 1,000 mm

Finished product thickness: 75 - 300 µm

Max. roll diameter: 350 mm

Winding speed: 0.3 - 3.5 m/min

Heating temperature of PCB: up to 115 ºC

Lamination temperature: 35 - 120 ºC

Pressing force: 0 - 200 kg

Installed power: 17 kW

Cooling water consumption: 0.6 m3/h

Floor space requirement: (L x W x H): 5.8 x 4.4 x 2.4 m





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