Universal batch coater




The G900MLR is a universal batch coater for deposition of protective-decorative, wear resistant, reflective and functional coatings in a variety of colours on 3D articles. It is universal both in substrate materials being processed (metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and porcelain) and in composition of deposited coatings.


Engineering and Technology


The coater can be manufactured in various configurations to meet customer’s needs: with electric arc evaporators, sputtering magnetrons or in a combination of these as well as with resistive evaporators.

We can offer up to 10 modifications of the coater.

This allows producing multi-component colour coatings, for instance, rainbow, pearly and black, as well as imitating gold, antique bronze and platinum.

If required bias and glow discharge devices can be also provided.

Simultaneous or consecutive deposition of a large group of metals and alloys in different gas environments is possible. Composition of produced coatings: metals, alloys, oxides, nitrides and their layer combinations.

The coater can operate in manual and automatic modes.


Data Sheet


Substrate: plastic, metal, alloy, ceramic and glass articles

Output: 900 articles /cycle for substrate dimensions 70 x 50x 20 mm

Cycle time: 45 min

Coatings: Ti, TiN, TiOx, Al, Cu, bronze, brass, St.St.

Pretreatment: glow discharge

Deposition sources: 2 sputter magnetrons or 2 arc evaporators

Chamber diameter: 900 mm

Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 3.95 x 2.2 x 2.35 m

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