In-line sputtering system




The G600MN in-line sputtering system is a high-output system intended for coating of 3D various type articles for decorative purposes, wear resistant enhancement, electromagnetic shielding etc.  The in-line system operates continuously during 120 hours (output rate of a carrier with coated 3D articles is 15 seconds).


Engineering and Technology


The in-line system is designed as a modular single-ended structure for operating in a continuous single-pass mode.

It consists of a number of chambers: carrier loading/unloading chamber, locking chambers, glow discharge chamber, magnetron sputtering chamber and carrier turn chamber.

Customized carriers with holders are used for substrate linear motion inside the in-line system. Carrier positions are registered by optical sensors in all chambers.

Dual chambers and two-way autonomous roller conveyors ensure direct and back carrier flows.

The turn chamber serves for the carrier transfer from the direct flow path to the back flow path. 

Glow discharge device is used as a pretreatment source.

Coating deposition is provided by DC planar sputter magnetrons.

Adjustable oblique magnetron positions and substrate rotation in the process chambers ensure uniform coating.

The pumping station consists of turbo molecular pumps.

The control system provides fully automatic monitoring and control of the carriers transportation and entire technological process.

The in-line system is compatible with the flow line of plastic moulding and substrate varnishing.


 Data Sheet


Substrate: plastic, metal, alloy, glass 3D parts

Max. substrate size (diam. x H): 145 x 210 mm

Coating:  metals, alloys

Output: 4 carriers/ min

Continuous operation: 120 h

Number of vacuum chambers: 8 pcs.

Number of process chambers: 2 pcs.

Pretreatment source: 1 glow discharge

Deposition sources: 4 DC sputter magnetrons

Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 12.8 x 7.5 x 2.6 m 

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