Sputter magnetron coater




The P600MR roll-to-roll coater is intended for producing uniform single-sided coatings on polymer films. These coaters can be easily updated to meet customer requirements and ensure deposition of single layers as well as multi-layer stacks for touch panels, LCDs, solar cells and solar control materials. They can also be used for deposition of thick conductive metal layers for FPCBs.


Engineering and Technology


Single-sided coatings are deposited in three isolated compartments with a process drum in each of them. The heating/cooling system of the process drums provides possibility to significantly increase functional capabilities of the coater.

The multi-compartment chamber design with separate pumping provides the necessary pressure difference between the neighbouring sputter zones. Vertical substrate feeding ensures particle-free deposition surface.

SIDRABE pays special attention to film surface pre-treatment: first a film undergoes drying in the vacuum drying machine C2P670 and then plasma treatment in the coater.

Depending on the required process, we offer various magnetron combinations, e.g. dual or single magnetrons, cylindrical or planar, powered with DC, pulsed DC or AC power supplies. Target materials can be metals or ceramics.

In-line monitoring of coating transmission and reflection parameters after each deposition zone ensures accuracy of properties of each deposited layer.

Sheet resistance in-line monitoring is realized with the four-probe method on two contact rollers.

The multi-channel plasma emission spectrophotometer and multi-sectional gas feeding manifolds ensure deposition process control and coating uniformity.

The pumping system is based on cryogenic or turbo molecular pumps. 

The control system ensures fully automated process.


Data Sheet


Substrate: polymer films

Substrate width: up to 700 mm

Substrate thickness: 25 ... 200 µm

Max. roll diameter: 600 mm

Number of compartments: 6 pcs.

Coating: SiO2, ITO, TiO2, NiCr, Cu, TiN, Ti

Nominal sheet resistance (ITO layer): 40 ... 400 Ohm/sq

Cu layer thickness: 0.2 µm

Sputter equipment: 3 dual magnetron or 6 single magnetrons

Pre-treatment: glow discharge

Winding speed: 0.5 ... 5.0 m/min

Drum temperature: - 10 ... + 25 °C

Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 14.5 x 10.0 x 3.7 m

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