Multifunctional coater




Vacuum Web Coater P1600H is a multifunctional flexible system for multiple layer deposition. This Web Coater provides wide capabilities for new processes development, trial materials production for market evaluation as well as for mass production.


Engineering and technology


P1600H provides single-side multi-layer coating by resistive evaporation and by magnetron sputtering. Sputtering of magnetic and nonmagnetic materials is possible. Metal and reactive processes may be performed in a special reactive gas environment.


The unique evaporation boats of SIDRABE design are used for evaporation of Cu, Ag and Au. Substrates are pre-treated in a glow discharge plasma. Constant temperature of the substrate is sustained with a drum heating/cooling system. The machine can operate in automatic and manual modes.



Data sheet


Substrate: plastic webs, fabrics and metal foils

Substrate width: 255...1600 mm

Substrate thickness: 12...200 µm

Coating: Al, Cu, Ag, Ni, NiCr, ITO

DC planar magnetrons: 2 pc.

Evaporation boats: 18 pc.

Winding speed: 0.5...100 m/min

Drum surface temperature: -20...+ 100 °C

Maximum roll diameter: 457 mm

Overall dimensions: 14.9 x 9.0 x 3.5 m

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