Medical purpose coater




The production scale roll-to-roll magnetron sputter deposition coater is a Sidrabe-developed design for coating web materials that are sensitive to heating and stretching.  The processed materials are intended for medical use. 


Engineering and Technology


The coater is intended for producing single and double-sided metal and metal oxide films applying DC magnetron sputtering. The coating process is realized on the free web span during several runs, using reverse winding for obtaining the desired thickness. Each deposition zone is equipped with a single rotatable balanced sputter magnetron.  

Each deposition station is followed by a cooling zone comprising a cooling drum to ensure effective heat removal from substrate.  Depending on the process step, the drums (and their shields) are either heated up or cooled.  Heated drums ensure substrate drying and degassing if necessary. 

The two pre-treatment glow discharge sources provide web plasma treatment sequentially on two sides to ensure coating quality and adhesion strength.

The web transport system with specific spread rollers ensures low and smooth tension force profile for transportation of materials without stretching and wrinkling.   

The pumping station is based on Roots blowers, mechanical pumps and Polycold system.  



Data sheet


Substrate: polymer webs, polymer films

Substrate width: 500 ... 1422 mm

Substrate thickness: 100 ... 3000 µm

Max. roll diameter: 650 mm

Pretreatment: 2 glow discharge sources

Coating: metals, metal oxide

DC balanced rotatable magnetrons: 8 pcs.

Cooling/heating drums: 9 pcs.

Winding speed: 1.0 – 15 m/min

Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 15.5 x 17.3 x 3.8 m

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