EB evaporation coater



Coating of metal foils by means of electron beam evaporators for production of metal and oxides layers for various functional applications. 


Engineering and Technology

The EB-evaporation coater is a roll-to-roll batch plant for use in mass production and R&D work. 

The deposition zones are arranged around two process drums. The patented design of the venting and chilled process drums ensures effective heat removal from the substrate.  

Two-sided and one-sided up to 5 µm thick coatings can be deposited on relatively thin substrates in one run. 

Before coating deposition the substrate plasma pretreatment and metal adhesion layers are applied to ensure coating quality and adhesion strength. 
Deposition is realized by 12 electron beam guns (6 pcs. per each drum) generating high-rate evaporation. Each evaporator comprises a water-cooled crucible and evaporant ingot feeding mechanism.
Controllable replenishment of evaporant ingots and continuous monitoring of the evaporant melt level on each crucible ensure coating uniformity.

The multi-compartment chamber design provides the necessary pressure difference between the pretreatment, sputter and evaporation zones.

The pumping station is based on CTI-Cryogenics On-Board Cryopumps.  

Software-controlled winding system with load cells and specific substrate spreading method on the process drums ensure web handling without scratching and wrinkling.
The control system operates in automatic and manual modes.


Data Sheet

Substrate:  metal foils
Substrate width: up to 600 mm
Substrate thickness: 20 ... 100 µm
Roll diameter: up to 300 mm
Coating: Cu, Cr, Ti, Mo, Ni, Si and other metals and alloys
Process drums: 2 pcs.
Temperature of the drums: - 40...+ 40 °C
EB guns: 12 pcs.
EB gun power: 25 kW each
Pre-treatment rotary magnetrons: 2 pcs.
Underlayer planar magnetrons: 2 pcs.
Winding speed: 0.25 ... 20 m/min
Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 14.5 x 10.6 x 3.8 m

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