Metal webs


SIDRABE has significant expertise in the area of development and manufacture of vacuum equipment for coating metal foils and strips. Our equipment can be used for coating of foils up to 1.5 m wide. We offer custom-made thin film technologies for deposition of such materials as:


• Se, Si, St. St., Ti, Cu, Ni, Al, Zn, Mg, TiN on steel strips

• Al and Cd coatings on nickel strips

• Cu on aluminium foils

• Various metal and alloys on copper strips

• p-i-n structures on metal foils


Depending on the required process and result, SIDRABE offers various deposition technologies, including:


• Electric arc evaporators

• Electron beam evaporators

• Sputtering magnetrons

• Induction and resistive evaporators

• RF capacitive discharge

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