Vertical in-line sputtering system




The 2SV2215MR Vertical In-Line Sputtering System is a modular flexible system intended for deposition of single- and double-sided multi-layer stacks on flat glass.

The in-line system is used for production of architectural, photovoltaics, art framing and horticultural glass.


Engineering and Technology


The system is designed as a single-ended structure with lock, transfer and deposition chambers.

Glass loading and unloading robotic stations, as well as carrier exchange magazine are arranged at the input/output side of the system.

Chamber for the cassettes transverse movement serves for glass transfer from the direct flow path to the back flow path for coating the second side of the glass. 

Customized carriers are used for glass holding and transfer, glass is positioned vertically without inclination.

Vertical positioning of glass and magnetrons provides particle-free deposition.

Linear ion beam sources (4 pcs. per each glass side) are used for pretreatment  of oth glass sides.

Each deposition chamber is partitioned in two similar isolated compartments for direct and back travel of the cassettes for successive coating of both glass sides.

The sputter compartments are equipped with high-rate dual rotatable magnetrons powered with MF power supplies (13 dual magnetrons per each glass side).

Each deposition compartment is isolated by pumped-down gas separation zones.

Separate PEM channels and multi-sectional gas feeding manifolds for each dual magnetron as well as in-situ measurement of optical parameters of each deposited layer provide optimum process control and the required coating uniformity. Symmetric arrangement of the turbo pumps contributes to coating uniformity as well.

Operation of the in-line system is coordinated with a glass washing machine and a system of robotic stations for glass loading/unloading on/off the cassettes.


 Data Sheet


Substrate material: sheet glass

Substrate dimensions: max. 3.35 x 2.25 m

Substrate thickness: 4 ... 16 mm

Coating: metals, oxides

Cycle time: 140 s

Process compartments: 10 pcs.

Pretreatment  sources: 8 ion beam guns

Deposition sources: 26 dual rotatable magnetrons

Process speed of the carriers: 0.5 ... 1.5 m/min

Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 79 x 21 x 7.3 m









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