SIDRABE develops and manufactures key components for vacuum deposition systems that ca be supplied with newly manufactured vacuum coating systems as well as used for equipping and bringing up to date existing ones.

Componenet supply includes full support in process development, adjustment and implementation.


We supply:


  • Magnetrons of various configurations with power supplies and control systems
  • Pre-treatment devices such as ion guns and glow discharge systems for etching and cleaning polymer films, metal, glass and fabric substrates
  • SIDRABE-patented evaporation boats for depositing copper, silver and gold at high rates
  • Planar and tubular electric arc evaporators
  • Vapour generators for subliming metals such as Mg and Zn with vapour utilization factor close to 1.0
  • Contact rollers for in-situ measurement of sheet resistance within the range of 5 to 1000 Ohm/sq on coated polymer films in continuous processes
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