Pilot Li coater




The Z2P150H roll-to-roll coater is intended for producing uniform single and double-sided coatings on polymer films and metal foils by thermal evaporation.

Our expertise and installed facilities, such as pilot Li coater, dry room, Li-coated webs slitter and Ar filled packaging glove box, enable us to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from production of small lots of Li coated materials to manufacture of highly efficient Li deposition commercial systems.


Engineering and Technology


The pilot roll-to-roll Li coater can greatly expanded manufacturers' capabilities in creating unique Li metal anode structures. The coater can deposit high-quality 1 to 20 µm thick Li coatings on thin metal foils or metallized polymeric films. Sidrabe technology optimizes Li thickness required to achieve maximum battery capacity thus managing both the resources as well as production costs with unprecedented efficiency.

The deposition zones are arranged around two process drums. The patented design of the venting and chilled process drums ensures effective heat removal from the substrate and capabilities to deposit sufficient thick Li coatings. 

Before coating deposition the substrate plasma pretreatment is applied to ensure coating quality and adhesion strength.

Li is deposited from the batch loading crucibles. In the production scale coaters replenishing thermal evaporation is applied.

The pumping system consists of turbo molecular pumps.

Software-controlled winding system with load cells and specific substrate spreading method on the process drums ensure web handling without scratching and wrinkling.

Controllable stabilizing of Li vaporization temperature as well as continuous temperature monitoring on crucibles and heated shields ensure optimum process control and the required coating uniformity.

The control system operates in automatic and manual modes.


Data Sheet


Substrate: metal foils, polymer films

Substrate width: 150 mm

Substrate thickness:10...100 µm 

Maximum roll diameter: 180 mm

Coating: Li

Coating thickness: 1 to 20 µm/per each substrate side

Winding speed: 0.2...2 m/min

Process drum temperature: - 20...+ 20 °C

Pre-treatment: 2 glow discharge devices

Evaporation sources: 2 thermal evaporators

Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 2.1 x 3.0 x 2.1 m

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