Vacuum machine for polymer film irradiation




The UOP600 roll-to-roll vacuum machine for irradiation of polymer films creates nuclear microporous filters for separating micro particles according to their size, ultra-thin cleaning of fluids and gases, liquid sterilization etc.


Engineering and Technology


The UOP600 is designed specifically for joining to the customer’s specialized cyclotron channel.

The vacuum chamber is equipped with an adjustment system ensuring its precise positioning and linking with the cyclotron channel.

Film is irradiated by accelerated heavy ions in vacuum during film transportation using high-precision winding system.  

Matching of film winding speed and ion beam density provides possibility for long-term uniform irradiation and, as a result, uniform distribution of micro pores over the entire irradiated film surface.

The three-compartment chamber design provides the necessary pressure difference between the unwinding/rewinding, buffer and irradiation zones and the required process pressure  in the irradiation zone.

The control system provides fully automatic monitoring and control of the film transportation and is linked with cyclotron control system.


Data Sheet:


Substrate: PETF or similar polymer films

Substrate width: 600 mm

Substrate thickness: 10 … 30 µm

Max. roll diameter: 310 mm

Winding speed: 0.05 ... 1.0 m/s

Process pressure: (1-3) x 10-5 Torr

Output: 11 000 m2/day

Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 4.7 x 4.0 x 2.25 m

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