The roll-to-roll vacuum drying machines are designed for preliminary drying and degassing of polymer materials. Their main field of application is drying of PET and PI films used in production of electronic displays and flexible printed circuit boards. The vacuum drying machines are recommended as auxiliary equipment for specific vacuum web coaters.


Engineering and Technology


Vacuum drying process stabilizes web surface, reduces content of monomer and solvent residues and ensures high quality of the following thin film coatings.

The drying process is realized using a multi-sectional IR-heater located along the winding path. The heating zone is arranged between the guide rollers on a free web span.  The heating zone length is not less than 2.2 m.  The drying machines are equipped with the necessary number of temperature sensors and thermocouples for process monitoring. Prior to rewinding, web material is chilled on a water-cooled roller.  

The winding system with load cells and spreader roller ensures optimized tension force and web handling without forming of scratches and wrinkles.

The control system offers automatic and manual modes.

The pumping system is based on a mechanical booster pump.

The custom-built roll-to-roll drying machine can comprise a plasma pretreatment source


Data Sheet


Substrate: polymer films, synthetic fabrics, non-woven materials

Substrate width: up to 2500 mm

Substrate thickness: 20 - 400 µm

Heating temperature: 80 - 200 ºC

Max roll diameter: 600 mm

Winding speed: 0.5 …10 m/min

Process pressure: 5x10-2...1x10-1 Torr

Installed power: 25…60 kW

Cooling water consumption: 1.8 m3/h

Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 9.5 x 3.3 x 2.7 m

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