Vacuum deposition is a strategically performed technology used to improve glass properties, particularly its optical and thermal characteristics.

SIDRABE has been working in this field since 1967 and has built up significant expertise in both the R&D and commercial aspects of coating technology applied to glass.

We offer batch and continuous in-line vacuum coating systems for the following applications:


  • Photovoltaic
  • Displays
  • Architectural glass
  • Mirrors
  • Art framing glass
  • Horticultural glass


Metal and oxide multi-layer systems can be deposited on large-area glass substrates with DC, pulse DC and MF sputtering using single or dual magnetrons with planar or rotary cathodes.

Glow discharge and ion beam sources for glass pre-treatment are available. All reactive sputtering processes can be controlled using plasma emission monitor. In- situ monitoring of optical characteristics of deposited layers can be also provided.

Vacuum in-line coating systems can be complemented with loading/unloading robotic stations and washing machines.

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