Coating of powders




The B2250 batch coater is a unique plant for deposition of metals, alloys and oxides on disperse materials with diameter from 50 up to 400 µm.



Engineering and Technology


The B2250 powder coater is a batch plant for use in production and R&D work. Coating is carried out using SIDRABE high-rate evaporation boats or DC sputter magnetrons. 

Depending on the required coating the powder is exposed as a falling powder curtain or a powder layer on the vibrating transporter.  Multiple circulations of the powder in a closed-circle  ensure  gradual increase of coating thickness during deposition cycle.  

The cooling/heating system stabilizes temperature of contact surfaces in the range of - 20 to +110 oC during powder circulation.  Powder drying can be initiated before coating deposition. Powder cooling can be initiated after reaching the limit temperature of 50 °C in order to prevent powder agglomeration.
All vacuum chamber internals are maximally enclosed to prevent powder loss and protect mechanisms inside the chamber. 

Option to monitor coating composition and thickness while the process is on is provided.  Temperature of the powder and contact surfaces is continuously monitored. 

Process gas inlet system comprises mass flow controllers. 

The pumping system comprises oil diffusion pumps with water-cooled traps.

Coater control is carried out via PLC in either automatic or manual mode.


Data Sheet


Substrate:  disperse materials, particle diameter 50 ... 400 µm
Productivity: 1...10 tons/year
Coating:  metals, alloys, oxides
Coating thickness: up to 1 µm
Deposition sources: DC planar magnetrons or SIDRABE patented evaporation boats      
Temperature of the powder-transporting surfaces: - 20… + 100 °C
Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 10.8 x 7.0 x 4.5 m


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