Multifunctional R&D cluster tools SAF




The SAF25/50 multifunctional R&D cluster tool is intended for research and development works as well as for feasibility studies and more general academic work in the field of thin film technologies.  


Engineering and Technology


The tool is a multifunctional, expandable, modular and flexible system. The tool comprises an input/output chamber with ion gun, central substrate transfer chamber with radial telescopic transport arm and up to 7 deposition chambers. Substrate is positioned horizontally on a holder. Deposition zones are configured for substrate rotation or displacement during upward deposition. 


Tool multifunctionality and flexibility is founded on the following key features:

  • Each chamber can operate independently due to individual pumping means, controls and utility connections.
  • Deposition chambers and deposition sources are interchangeable.
  • The central transfer chamber prevents process cross-contamination and ensures substrate transfer without venting of the chambers.
  • Various types of deposition sources including sublimation thermal cells, resistive boats, crucibles and sputter magnetrons can be integrated.
  • Twin, single and dual sputter magnetrons can be powered by DC, pulsed DC, MF and RF power supplies.
  • Contact and contactless cooling and heating of the substrate is offered.
  • Glove box for substrate loading in inert gas atmosphere and substrate magazine can be added.
  • Preliminary agreed number of blanked-off flanges installed on the chambers allows attaching customized instrumentation and technological accessories.
  • Basic configuration of the pumping system includes turbomolecular and two-stage dry mechanical pumps. 
  • The control system can operate in a semi-automatic and manual mode.



Data Sheet


Substrate: glass, metal, plastic, ceramic

Substrate size: 25 x 25 or 50 x 50 mm

Substrate temperature: - 40 … + 400 oC (depends on the process)

Base pressure: 1x 10-7 Torr

Installed power: 50 kW

Cooling water consumption: 2.7 m3/h

Overall plan dimensions (Diam. x H): 2.4 x 2.0 m   

Floor space requirement (L x W x H): 7.0 x 6.0 x 2.0 m  


Single chamber solutions
We offer standartized cluster tool SAF single chamber solutions, featuring any of the deposition methods of customers choice.
As an example, a short technical specification for a single chamber for the deposition of coatings by thermal and E-Beam evaporation methods (SAF BE) and specification for a tool equipped with resistive evaporators and a magnetron source for reactive and non reactive sputter deposition (SAF EM) can be sent on request.


Collaboration partners

The cluster tool was designed in collaboration with the University of Latvia Institute of Solid State Physics (www.cfi.lv). A fully equipped cluster tool is now operating in the clean rooms of ISSP. Right now there is an onging European Project "When and how ODS particles are formed? - X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and ab initio modelling of ODS steels" (EUROfusion Enabling Research Project, head researcher - Juris Purans, the webpage of the laboratory - http://www.dragon.lv/exafs/) and a major part of it is carried out on the cluster tool SAF. Here you can see a video on this project, featuring our equipment: 

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