Pre-treatment sources are intended for etching and cleaning polymer, metal, glass, fabric and 3D substrates before coating to enhance adhesion and ensure stability of coating properties.


Ion Sources


SIDRABE ion sources are based on the anode-layer-source principle. They provide both gridless and filamentless operation with all inert and reactive gases.

The ion source produces high-current ion beam of variable energy levels of 200 to 1500 eV for surface cleaning, etching and ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD).

These sources are used mainly for treatment of moving polymer films, glass and metal strips in long continuous runs.


Glow Discharge Sources


SIDRABE glow discharge sources consist of a compact box with two electrodes and an integrated gas admission manifold for process gas feed and distribution.

The magnetic system ensures higher pre-treatment effectiveness. These sources are mainly used for the treatment of moving polymer films and 3D parts.


Magnetron Discharge Sources


Sidrabe standard magnetron discharge source for pre-treatment is a planar magnetron with Ti target.  The usual process environment for such magnetron is a mixture of Ar and O2. To prevent target sputtering, the magnetron operates in oxide mode, i.e., oxide contaminates the target and basically blocks the sputtering process. The targets can be cooled directly or indirectly. Cooling water and power connections can be either external or internal.

These sources can be powered with DC or Pulsed-DC power supplies.

Main application is pre-treatment of moving polymer films in long continuous runs.


 Inverse Magnetrons


Magnetron discharge is ignited on substrate, which is essentially a cathode as it is moved along the roller cathode unit. The magnetic system of the cathode unit is fixed in the space. The cathode unit is equipped with an individual electrical drive.

SIDRABE inverted magnetrons are successfully used for treatment of moving metal foils. Having created our own design criteria, we can also equip and modify existing vacuum deposition systems.

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