SIDABRE develops single and dual magnetrons with planar and cylindrical geometry that can be used as either separate components or part be integrated in a system.

These devices can be equipped with special features such as clamped or bonded targets, direct or indirect cooling and either external or internal power and cooling water connections.


The maximum available length of the rectangular and cylindrical targets is 2.0 m.

The maximum available diameter of the circular targets is 400 mm.


We develop different types of cylindrical rotatable magnetrons with rotation performed on either the target or the magnets, depending on the requirements of the particular process.


 Our vacuum coating systems are equipped with the necessary means to respond to customer's special needs with customized solutions.  SIDRABE can supply systems equipped with magnetrons with or without power supplies and control systems as well as PEM and gas feeding systems, powered with DC, Pulsed-DC or MF power supplies.


 Our wide range of extensive experience in equipment designing enables SIDRABE to additionally offer such services as modification, upgrade and retrofitting of existing vacuum deposition systems.

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