Sheet resistance measurement roller


The SRMR-3 sheet resistance measurement roller is a device for in-situ contact measurement of sheet resistance within the range of 5 to 1000 Ohm/sq on polymer films during continuous processes. This device can be used in vacuum and air environment.  


The SRMR-3 can be used for automatic control of sheet resistance for a wide range of conducting coatings. The measurements are carried out continuously and the process is shown on the control system display.


The SRMR-3 is a dielectric roller with contact copper rings. Measuring is carried out on three contact points between the copper rings and substrate using AC signal to avoid interference with magnetrons that are in close proximity. Lay out of measurement zones can be changed according to customer’s requirements.


The connection to the copper rings is ensured via an electrical vacuum feed through mounted on a flange. The electronic control unit connected to the control computer  via USB/ADC ports ensures precise, real-time measurement display. The analogue output of the electronic unit can be switched from the USB/ADC port to the PC and to the ADC/PLC channel.

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