Evaporation Boats


SIDRABE patented high-rate evaporation boats are used for deposition of Cu, Ag, Au, In, Sn etc. These evaporation boats ensure state-of-the-art solution to effective thermal evaporation with unparalleled results.

 SIDRABE evaporation boats ensure evaporation rates of up to 10 g/min and lifetime of up to 40 hours.

Please use following link to get more information about our boats: Wire Fed Evaporation of Copper from Refractory Metal Boats (2007)


 Arc Evaporators


The electric arc evaporators are installed mainly in batch coaters. We can produce planar and tubular electric arc evaporators with effective target lengths of up to 1.15 m for planar evaporators; tubular evaporators can be supplied with target length of up to 4.0 m (U-shaped) and up to 1.6 m (linear).


Vapor Generators


Studies in the field of generation of sublimation metal vapour in vacuum allowed SIDRABE to create high-capacity vapor generators. Vapor generators for thermal evaporation of sublimation metals such as Mg and Zn with vapour utilization factor of 1.0 are one of SIDRASBE’s salient specialities.

Our experience and knowledge in this field allows us to develop and manufacture

R&D and pilot vacuum coaters with optimized vapor generators for deposition of specific metals and combined layers, and the required capacity.

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